There are 132 apartments in the "Rhyvage" residential complex in Rheinfelden. Of these, 40 are certified with the LEA Platinum label, the top award for age-appropriate construction. The first tenants have been living in these apartments since spring 2021. They can use various living services from bonacasa, thanks to which they can lead a self-determined life with more comfort and security. Concierge Silvia Kurth talks about her experiences in the first year.

Ms Kurth, you have now been concierge at the “Rhyvage” residential complex for one year. What services does bonacasa offer its residents?
With its living services, bonacasa offers more day-to-day quality of life. The residents can order apartment or window cleaning, a laundry service or a transport service, and can also get administrative help with various tasks or request a holiday service in order to go on holiday with peace of mind. As a personal concierge for the properties, I am the direct contact person for living services and also provide other individual services to make the tenants’ everyday lives easier.

What impressions have particularly remained with you?
The residents were very interested in my work as a concierge and the services offered by bonacasa right from the start. I particularly appreciated the trust that was placed in me at the launch of the development.

Which services are the most popular?
The residents display a marked interest in housekeeping, which is provided by the cleaning specialists. In terms of concierge services, the various absence services are in great demand.

Popular service: helping hands in the home

Popular service: helping hands in the home. (Source: Fotowerder)

Where do you see the greatest benefits of a development with living services?
In addition to the services mentioned above, bonacasa’s 24/7 emergency call service enables us to guarantee residents more security and freedom in their daily lives. This service guarantees a direct connection to a 24-hour emergency centre. The time I spend on site is also greatly appreciated. During this time I can contribute a lot to the residents’ satisfaction by helping in small ways.

After moving in, have some tenants used the 24/7 emergency service who had initially decided not to make use of the service?
The start of a development is a process in which residents first need to be networked and build up trust in the concierge and within the development. I already provided a range of advice about bonacasa’s living services and emergency call service in the first few weeks, which attracted a great deal of interest. Residents who had initially expressed muted interest in bonacasa’s emergency call service came to me later on to make use of the advisory service.


First published in "Exposé", June 2022

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