TARA has replaced TINA. This opens up new possibilities for the composition of asset allocation.

In recent years, the acronym TINA – "there is no alternative” – has dominated financial markets. In the meantime, the wind has changed. Now it’s time for TARA: “There are reasonable alternatives”. In investment portfolios, the cards are being reshuffled. In the latest video in our “Fixed Income Pulse Check” series, Daniel Rempfler, Head of Rates & Emerging Markets, explains which bonds are attractive in the current environment and why.

Daniel Rempfler, Head of Rates & Emerging Markets, explains which bonds are attractive in the current environment.

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After decades of falling interest rates, global rates have been rising sharply again for some time, with the result that various fixed-income products and fixed-income bonds are once again attracting the attention of investors. However, high-yield bonds are also an interesting alternative for investors willing to accept a certain amount of risk.

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Interest rates are rising with no end in sight. As many investment portfolios were strongly geared towards negative rates in the past, they should now be reviewed. In the fixed income sector, senior secured loans are currently attractive. These loans benefit from rising interest rates but are not a risk-free licence to print money.

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Welcome to another edition of "Fixed Income Pulse Check." Our expert Daniel Rempfler, Head of Rates & Emerging Markets, sees great potential in emerging market bonds. Despite the challenging environment, he believes now is a good time to enter this asset class.

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