Swiss Life Asset Managers invests in the office, residential, healthcare, logistics and commercial asset classes as well as retail and hotel

Swiss Life Asset Managers manages and administers real estate worth around CHF 89.6 billion in Europe. In addition to properties in traditional real estate asset classes (residential, commercial, healthcare etc.), we manage other types of real estate, such as hotels. We closely follow the emergence of new trends and asset classes. 

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Office properties

  • 29% of the assets under management are office properties in Europe.
  • The focus is on high-quality office properties in central locations in major metropolitan regions (e.g. London, Paris, Berlin, Munich or Zurich).
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Residential (incl. student housing)

  • 32% of the assets under management are residential properties in Europe.
  • Residential properties are particularly attractive in metropolitan regions with favourable socio-economic fundamental data and are important to our fund and investment strategy.
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  • 13% of the assets under management are retail properties in Europe.
  • We are seeing structural changes and expect a growing combination of brick-and-mortar and online retail (e.g. click & collect).
  • Our strategic focus is on urban regions as well as consumer-friendly shops and on-site supply.
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Industrial and logistics real estate

  • 14% of the assets under management are industrial and logistics properties in Europe.
  • The asset class is of great strategic importance to us. The growth of e-commerce, higher inventories and scarcity of stock support future rental prospects. 
  • The focus is on urban logistics as well as light industrial properties in metropolitan regions of Germany, France, the UK and the Benelux countries.
  • The company's internal competency centre for Light industrial and logistics is BEOS AG.
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Healthcare properties

  • 3% of the assets under management are healthcare properties in Europe.
  • The focus is on properties in Germany, France, the Netherlands and the UK.
  • The sector is benefiting from demographic ageing and is of great strategic importance to us.
  • Swiss Life Asset Managers in Luxembourg is the in-house competency centre for the healthcare segment.
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  • 3% of the assets under management are hotel properties in Europe.
  • This procyclical niche is good for diversifying a real estate portfolio. 
  • Our focus is on large cities attracting both business travellers and tourists (e.g. London, Paris, Munich).
  • The in-house competence centre for the hotel asset class is Swiss Life Asset Managers France. 

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