Swiss Life Asset Managers offers selected investment strategies for investments in various real estate asset classes

Large, bright industrial hall with machines, some of which are being operated.

ESG European thematic income and growth strategy  

  • Swiss Life Asset Managers invests in commercial properties in locations positioned to attract demand due to structural change.
  • When selecting a location, we consider changes in the thematic areas of disruption, climate and environment, communities and grouping, consumers and lifestyle as well as connectivity.
  • The focus is on key European countries as well as smaller established markets (The Nordics, Benelux, Southern Europe, Ireland, Austria).
Modern open-plan office with groups of desks

European balanced strategy investment

  • Swiss Life Asset Managers offers clients balanced investment strategies in the area of real estate. 
  • We invest in European properties in the office, residential, industrial and logistics, retail and health care asset classes.
High-bay warehouse of a logistics centre

ESG European industrial and logistics strategy 

  •  We invest in a distribution-oriented portfolio with industrial and logistics properties.
  • The focus is on real estate investments in Germany, France, the UK, Switzerland and the Benelux countries.
  • By combining small-scale industrial properties with large-scale logistics properties, we achieve broad market coverage with above-average returns and below-average earnings volatility. 
  • The strategy has a defensive orientation, which institutional investors appreciate in the current market environment.
  • As industrial and logistics properties will benefit from various megatrends in the coming years, we anticipate significant growth potential. 
Care worker putting her arm around an elderly lady. They are both looking into a garden.

ESG European healthcare strategy

  • Swiss Life Asset Managers invests in healthcare properties and exploits the growing demand for nursing homes due to demographic change (higher life expectancy).
  • Our goal is stable returns through indexed long-term leases with experienced operators.
  • As the strategy is based less on economic than on demographic developments, it is more resilient to changes in the market.
  • We diversify the portfolio among European countries, operators and sub-sectors. The focus is on France and Germany.
Man with a wheeled suitcase entering a hotel lobby.

European hotel strategy 

  • Swiss Life Asset Managers invests in hotel properties according to a bottom-up approach. It combines the detailed analysis of the property with that of the region. 
  • Our focus is on 3 and 4-star hotels close to the centre with a balanced business and tourism clientele.
Shopping arcade with passers-by

European retail strategy 

  • Swiss Life Asset Managers invests in retail properties in stable European economies.
  • As the supply of real estate in shopping areas of major cities is becoming increasingly limited, this investment has a defensive bias.
  • We are diversifying our retail real estate strategy by combining northern and southern regions.

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    Swiss Life Asset Managers is one of Europe's leading institutional real estate investors and real estate invesment manager with locations in six European countries.

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    Swiss Life Asset Managers is a leading real estate investor with residential and commercial properties in attractive European locations

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    Swiss Life Asset Managers invests in the office, residential, healthcare, logistics and commercial asset classes as well as retail and hotel

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