The "Rhyvage" residential complex in Rheinfelden, constructed for the Swiss Life Investment Foundation, is a pleasant place to live: The apartments are located directly on the banks of the Rhine and enjoy good transport connections as well as plenty of shopping facilities nearby. Moreover, the bonacasa service network provides numerous everyday services.

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The Swiss Life Investment Foundation is currently having 132 rental apartments built at an attractive location by the Rhine in Rheinfelden. The historic town is full of medieval charm, with its car-free centre featuring numerous shops and cosy cafés. It is not far from the oldest Roman city on Swiss soil, Augusta Raurica.

In addition, idyllic Rheinfelden features good transport links: Basel is within easy reach both by car and by train. The rail station is just a few minutes' walk from the rental apartments in the Rhyvage residential complex. Occupants of the apartments can do all their everyday shopping in the immediate vicinity, and the underground car park offers extra comfort in all weathers.

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The new building itself offers a broad mix of apartments of different sizes and with a variety of orientations. Many of them offer direct views of the Rhine. Buildings E3, E4 and E5 are being realised for the Swiss Life Investment Foundation's Real Estate Switzerland investment group, while the Swiss Life Investment Foundation's Real Estate Switzerland Retirement and Healthcare investment group is taking over building E2 as a turnkey option.


So that all tenants of the "Rhyvage" residential complex can enjoy more self-determination in their everyday lives, they can make use of the services offered by the bonacasa service network. Using the assistance service, the helpline or an app, they can arrange for the following (among other things):

  • apartment cleaning
  • meal deliveries
  • transport

For tenants of building E2, there is also a direct connection to an emergency centre that is staffed around the clock.

The "Rhyvage" apartments are expected to be ready for occupancy from 1 April 2021. As there is already considerable interest in the apartments, a high occupancy rate can be expected.

First published in "Exposé November 2020"

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