Welcome to another edition of "Fixed Income Pulse Check." Our expert Daniel Rempfler, Head of Rates & Emerging Markets, sees great potential in emerging market bonds. Despite the challenging environment, he believes now is a good time to enter this asset class.

Expert Daniel Rempfler, Head of Rates & Emerging Markets, on the potential of bonds in emerging markets

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Wasserkraft; Staumauer des Wasserkraftwerks Grimsel, Schweiz, Europa


How we can intensify the promotion of renewable energy

Switzerland has a high proportion of renewable energy in its electricity mix. For decades, hydropower has accounted for around 60 percent of domestic electricity production, and it thus performs well by international comparison. On the other hand, Switzerland is way behind in Europe when it comes to the share of renewable energies such as photovoltaics and wind power. Despite a good starting position, there is still a long way to go to achieve a 100 percent energy supply from renewable sources, as stipulated in the Federal Energy Strategy 2050.

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The self-storage sector presents a compelling, long-term investment opportunity for an active strategy able to generate attractive income returns.

Real Assets

Self-Storage: Stockpiling growth in the UK

The self-storage sector presents a compelling investment opportunity, even in today’s growing macroeconomic headwinds. An active strategy can generate attractive income returns despite these evolving challenges.

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Businessman analyzing sales growth technique graph formulate marketing strategies and plans and manage the improvements that need to be fixed for business success both financial and investment


Senior secured loans – miracle returns in times of rising interest rates?

Interest rates are rising with no end in sight. As many investment portfolios were strongly geared towards negative rates in the past, they should now be reviewed. In the fixed income sector, senior secured loans are currently attractive. These loans benefit from rising interest rates but are not a risk-free licence to print money.

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