The innovative new Berlin Decks campus in Berlin-Moabit is illuminated by light installations designed by modern artists. These installations represent the integrative community model of the ambitious, sustainably designed BEOS AG project, which has already offered a platform to various artists.

Local and international artists contributed their ideas on how to connect the tenants with their neighbourhood (community model) during construction, as they have continued to do since completion. BEOS AG, a subsidiary of Swiss Life Asset Managers and Germany's leading asset manager and project developer of corporate real estate, wants the commercial site to reflect the guiding principle "Grow.Together" and make a statement with Berlin Decks.

All actions will be announced publicly on the project website as well as on the Berlin Decks community platform.

Artistic light installations on the Berlin Decks site
The light installation by Berlin multimedia artist Stefan Damnig illuminates the area with a sky beam comprising several individual light beams merged together giving a total luminosity of 250 000 lumens. As a result, the internationally renowned artist’s creation can be seen from far away and it forms a connection between Berlin Decks and the surrounding area growing together with the site.

The bright installation also expresses the charisma of Berlin Decks: the campus stands out as a model project with its sustainable timber-hybrid construction, CO2-neutral operation, DGNB certificate and sustainable district development.

Well-known New York neon light artist Olivia Steele has also contributed a light installation. The work entitled "There Are Far Better Things Ahead Than Any We Leave Behind" represents the innovative approach to the site.

All lighting installations are guaranteed to be climate-neutral, as Berlin Decks only uses green electricity.


Berlin Decks: part of a community
Light art is the perfect complement to the open, inclusive and attractive Berlin Decks public space concept. This art form is particularly inclusive and can be experienced from a safe distance and in a self-determined manner by all citizens, even during the Covid-19 pandemic. No invitation or prior knowledge is required. That makes it an ideal fit for the office and workshop area’s vision of promoting togetherness, shared growth and respect for natural living areas.

From the outset, the plan was for Berlin Decks to stand for cooperation and integration, explains Tony Paumer, the project developer from BEOS AG in Berlin in charge of the site: "That's why we communicate with all the stakeholders involved at an early stage and make it known that Berlins Decks is synonymous with nature, businesses and neighbourhoods growing together into a community. The BEOS project team also consistently lives these values as part of Swiss Life Asset Managers."

The light installation is one of a number of cultural events that have already been held at Berlin Decks. For example, Berlin Decks hosted the theatre collective ogalala kreuzberg and "Schau 20" from Berlin University of the Arts, and the site has been used by young artists on a number of occasions during the coronavirus pandemic as a stage for photo shoots, video recordings and exhibitions. This resulted in exhibitions by local artists such as Emily Roberts, music events in the "1 to 1 concerts” series and musical performances by Sophie, Office Impart and Dominik Friedrich.

The innovative Berlin Decks BEOS project concept
The Berlin Decks project is centrally located in the Moabit district of Berlin, part of Berlin-Mitte. It offers a view of the shipping canal near the north and west harbours.

The concept behind the innovative construction project includes a focus on inclusion, diversity, sustainability and openness. The site has many different types of premises to meet the needs of the modern working environment: the historic brick building built in 1912 has 2800 m2 of space is available, and the modern multi-level new build offers a further 42 500 m2 of space.

The communication concept also includes the website, including details of any activities. This community platform also includes interviews and features on the subject of "How do we want to work in the future?"

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