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French UCITS - best fund inflows of 2013: 5th place for Swiss Life AM


Following the rating given by Europerformance, Swiss Life Asset Management (France) achieved, in 2013, the 5th best net fund increase for UCITS under French law.

This rating is based on the net sum of the inflow (i.e. subscriptions minus redemptions) in 2013 on open-ended UCITS under French law. It is based on an analysis of the performance of the 318 management companies referenced by Europerformance. This rating testifies to the quality and appeal of Swiss Life Asset Managers UCITS.

In addition to this 5th place for net fund inflows, Swiss Life Asset Management (France) placed 2nd for the best net inflow for mutual funds.

In a market which is 45 billion down for mutual funds, this result shows the capacity of Swiss Life AM's cash products to meet the needs of institutional investors and corporate treasurers.

Source: Europerformance – Bilan 2013 de la gestion collective