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Liquidation Swiss Life Multi Funds (LUX)


Please be informed that subsequent to the Unitholder Notice dated 19 July 2012 (attached below) the following sub-funds were liquidated as at 24 August 2012

Swiss Life Multi Funds (LUX) Defensive (CHF)
Swiss Life Multi Funds (LUX) Dimension (CHF)
Swiss Life Multi Funds (LUX) Opportunity (CHF)
Swiss Life Multi Funds (LUX) Innovation (CHF)
Swiss Life Multi Funds (LUX) Dynamics (CHF)

with a last NAV as detailed below

Teilvermögen Letzter Nettoinventarwert in CHF Valuta
Defensive (CHF) 119.04 31.08.2012
Dimension (CHF) 74.77 31.08.2012
Opportunity (CHF) 93.04 31.08.2012
Innovation (CHF) 47.91 31.08.2012
Dynamics (CHF) 193.32 31.08.2012

Please contact Andreas Baschong at or +41 43 284 48 74 if you have any questions regarding this communication.

Liquidation Report