You manage pension assets – and optimise your investments

Do you want to invest pension assets profitably and in a manner that increases value? You’ll find the advice and products you’re looking for at the Swiss Life Investment Foundation. No matter what your needs are, you’ll find the right investment groups. And you’ll do so with partners who have the best qualifications.


Swiss Life Investment Foundation risk-optimised products

The product range consists of fund-like investment groups provided to specific clients segments by the Swiss Life Investment Foundation. All investors are tax-exempt Swiss employee benefits institutions.

These investment groups can be acquired by clients as part of a 3a pension solution or a Swiss Life Wings Invest vested benefit solution.


Herbsttournee der Anlagestiftung Swiss Life mit Micheline Calmy-Rey

Zürich 3. Oktober (11.00 bis 14.00) 
Basel 18. Oktober (11.00 bis 14.00) 
Bern 19. Oktober (11.00 bis 14.00)
Luzern 24. Oktober (11.00 bis 14.00)