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You manage pension assets – and optimise your investments

Do you want to invest pension assets profitably and in a manner that increases value? You’ll find the advice and products you’re looking for at the Swiss Life Investment Foundation. No matter what your needs are, you’ll find the right investment groups. And you’ll do so with partners who have the best qualifications.


Swiss Life Investment Foundation

The Swiss Life Investment Foundation is a foundation established by Swiss Life. The purpose of the investment foundation is the collective investment and management of pension assets for our third-party clients.

Tax-exempt Swiss employee benefits institutions may become affiliated with the investment foundation. Primary among these are autonomous and semi-autonomous pension funds, but also collective foundations that manage the savings process and risk insurance separately. The latter are especially suitable for smaller and medium-sized companies that want to outsource their employee benefits completely.

Board of Trustees

The board of trustees is appointed by the investors in a meeting and is largely composed of investor representatives.

Supervisory authority

Our Investment Foundation is subject to supervision by the Supervisory Commission for occupational pensions (OAK BV).


The auditor is PricewaterhouseCoopers AG.


The investment foundation works with the following partners:

  • Swiss Life Asset Management Ltd – for the management of the investment groups.
  • UBS Switzerland AG – as the custodian bank for the investment foundation.
  • UBS Fund Management (Switzerland) AG – for accounting and the calculation of net asset values.


Swiss Life Investment Foundation continues its growth course and opens the investment group "Real Estate Switzerland Retirement and Healthcare"

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Binding subscription application 

Optimisation and expansion of the BVG-Mix product range

The composition (strategic asset allocation) of the current BVG-Mix assets will be optimised for the future environment and the offering expanded to meet new customer needs.

Optimisation BVG-Mixes