At the amLeague 2014 awards held on 21 January 2014, Swiss Life Asset Managers received the "Action Europe" prize for the best performance in European equities from Henri Chaffiotte of CARMF and Antoine Briant of amLeague.

Launched four years ago, the amLeague ratings aim to provide investors with an objective and fully comparable means of measuring management companies' performance. The amLeague framework defines the management rules, providing common constraints and a strictly identical operating environment for all the participants. The ratings and prizes thus form a level playing field for showing the best management performances for a given period and universe.

This award for European management and the third place for euro zone management testify to the quality of equity management at Swiss life Asset Managers.

It's risk-management-based approach ensured the company enjoyed an excellent 2014. Its main successes were in the UCITS: SLF(F) Equity Europe Minimum Volatility, SLF(F) Equity Euro zone Minimum Volatility, SLF(F) Equity France et SLF(L) Equity Global High Dividend.

The Asset Managers of the amLeague platform :


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