Swiss Life investments are integrated in the core-satellite approach. Performance is systematically monitored by an independent controlling unit.

Take advantage of the offer and benefit from our professional investment options. The Swiss Life Investment Foundation offers you in-depth knowledge, vast experience and a track record of success.

Our products are in line with a modern investment philosophy. The best proof of its confidence in the performance of this philosophy is the fact that Swiss Life uses the core-satellite approach for its own employee benefits institutions.

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Objective selection of asset managers

The most suitable investment managers are selected on the basis of objective criteria and taking into consideration the particular requirements of the investment groups. One or more asset managers may be used, depending on the structure of the investment group.

Independent and consistent monitoring

The independent investment controller monitors the investment activities of the selected asset managers regularly and systematically on the basis of qualitative and quantitative criteria.

Structuring within the investment groups

The portfolios within the investment groups have a contemporary structure. The equity investment group thus follows a core-satellite approach.


Launch of "Real Estate European Industry and Logistics (EUR) / (CHF)" and "Infrastructure Global (CHF hedged) / (EUR)" investment groups by way of capital calls

From autumn onwards, we will be offering new and attractive investment opportunities in real-value assets that will allow you to better diversify your portfolio:
"Real Estate Europe Industry and Logistics" – An ideal mix for the future
"Infrastructure Global" – Best of Infrastructure @ Swiss Life

Herbsttournee der Anlagestiftung Swiss Life 2020

Auch in diesem Jahr orientieren wir Sie via Live-Stream über Neuigkeiten im Angebot der Anlagestiftung Swiss Life sowie über die aktuellen Wirtschafts- und Finanzmarktaussichten.

Zur zwölften Ausgabe der Herbsttournee dürfen wir wiederum einen ganz besonderen Gast begrüssen. Wir freuen uns, dass wir für dieses Jahr Dr. Daniel Koch als Gast gewinnen konnten.

Datum und Zeit  Live-Stream, Freitag, 2. Oktober 2020- 10.30 bis 11.45 Uhr

Anmeldung / Abmeldung

Colloque d’automne de la Fondation de placement Swiss Life 2020

Cette année, nous vous informerons via une retransmission en direct des nouveautés offertes par la gamme de la Fondation de placement Swiss Life ainsi que des dernières perspectives économiques et financières.

Pour cette douzième édition des Colloques d’automne, nous serons une nouvelle fois accompagnés d’un invité de marque. Nous aurons en effet le plaisir d’accueillir Dr Daniel Koch.

Date et temps - Transmission en direct, mardi 6 octobre 2020 - De 10 h 30 – 11 h 45

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