Swiss Life investments are integrated in the core-satellite approach. Performance is systematically monitored by an independent controlling unit.

Take advantage of the offer and benefit from our professional investment options. The Swiss Life Investment Foundation offers you in-depth knowledge, vast experience and a track record of success.

Our products are in line with a modern investment philosophy. The best proof of its confidence in the performance of this philosophy is the fact that Swiss Life uses the core-satellite approach for its own employee benefits institutions.

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Objective selection of asset managers

The most suitable investment managers are selected on the basis of objective criteria and taking into consideration the particular requirements of the investment groups. One or more asset managers may be used, depending on the structure of the investment group.

Independent and consistent monitoring

The independent investment controller monitors the investment activities of the selected asset managers regularly and systematically on the basis of qualitative and quantitative criteria.

Structuring within the investment groups

The portfolios within the investment groups have a contemporary structure. The equity investment group thus follows a core-satellite approach.


Swiss Life Investment Foundation: Successful reopening of the “Real Estate Switzerland” and “Commercial Real Estate Switzerland” investment groups
The re-opening of the “Real Estate Switzerland” and “Commercial Real Estate Switzerland”
investment groups attracted a lot of interest from investors and was concluded
successfully. Both investment groups were oversubscribed several times.
Furthermore, the Investment Foundation’s circle of investors was broadened by
25% and now totals over 550 Swiss pension funds.