Do you want to invest pension assets profitably and in a manner that increases value? You’ll find the advice and products you’re looking for at the Swiss Life Investment Foundation. No matter what your needs are, you’ll find the right investment groups. And you’ll do so with partners who have the best qualifications.

  • About Swiss Life Investment Foundation

    The Swiss Life Investment Foundation is a foundation established by Swiss Life. The purpose of the investment foundation is the collective investment and management of pension assets for our third-party clients.

  • The investment philosophy – for a positive alpha

    Swiss Life investments are integrated in the core-satellite approach. Performance is systematically monitored by an independent controlling unit.

  • Swiss Life Investment Foundation risk-optimised products

    The product range consists of fund-like investment groups provided to specific clients segments by the Swiss Life Investment Foundation. All investors are tax-exempt Swiss employee benefits institutions.

  • Prices for Swiss Life Investment Foundation investment groups

    Here you’ll find current and historical daily prices, month-end prices and the historical performance of the Swiss Life Investment Foundation investment groups.

  • Swiss Life Investment Foundation downloads

    Here you’ll find information about the Swiss Life Investment Foundation, including fact sheets about individual investments, quarterly and annual reports, and market assessments.

  • Swiss Life Investment Foundation News

    Here you’ll find news about the Swiss Life Investment Foundation.

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