Swiss Life enables people to lead a self-determined life. As an asset manager for securities and real estate investments, we advocate solutions that combine independence, responsibility and financial confidence. Stefan Mächler, Chief Investment Officer of the Swiss Life Group, explains what that means.


Stefan Mächler, what sets Swiss Life Asset Managers apart?
Swiss Life Asset Managers is an established European asset manager and leading institutional real estate investor in Europe. Responsible investment decisions are in our DNA: we have over 160 years of market experience and extensive expertise as a risk manager. We offer our clients and investors a broad range of investment solutions, which we actively manage, in the following asset classes: fixed income, real estate, shares, infrastructure and multi-asset investments. Our objective is long-term stable and attractive returns, which form the basis for solid, reliable planning and an independent and self-determined life.

What are the requirements at the heart of your investment strategy?
We want to enable our clients to lead a self-determined life with financial confidence. This purpose is reflected in our investment strategy for the assets entrusted to us by the Swiss Life Group and third-party clients. As an experienced risk manager, we accompany our clients over a long time period and promote responsible, long-term investment decisions. That also includes sustainability aspects.

What is the role of sustainability at Swiss Life Asset Managers?
Sustainability is important, we are committed to responsible investing. We incorporate all the ESG issues (environmental, social and governance) in our investment decisions. We have also signed the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) of the United Nations. That also makes us attractive to those investors who want reliable returns from responsible engagements. We thus offer our clients a clear value proposition.

Is investor demand for sustainable investments growing?
Yes, we have noticed how investors’ objectives are often no longer based purely on revenues. Other topics, such as the environment, social issues or how a company is managed, are becoming more important. In addition, investors want to benefit from optimal risk assessments. We offer sustainable portfolio development and long-term security through our investment strategy.

Which investors do you manage?
Our original role was to manage funds from the Swiss Life Group's insurance business. Our investment philosophy is thus based on being risk aware and prioritising long-term value preservation and capital appreciation of the assets entrusted to us. We target institutional clients, family offices and private clients in our core markets of Switzerland, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. Our third-party assets under management came to CHF 82.9 billion on 30 June 2020.

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