Swiss Life Asset Managers specialises in developing and managing individual and custom-tailored investment solutions for institutional customers. These solutions are based on target returns, risk capacity and investment horizon. They include global solutions, individual asset classes and single investment concepts and strategies.

Our portfolio managers execute all transactions directly. They are in regular contact with brokers and thus receive the latest price information. This allows us to quickly recognise changes on the market and react to them promptly. In making their investment decisions, our portfolio managers can also rely on the knowledge and experience of the experts in the investment business for our own insurance companies.

Multi-asset mandates

Swiss Life Asset Managers has many years of experience in managing assets for institutional customers and is completely familiar with the regulatory environment, particularly for Swiss pension funds. These mixed mandates (equities, bonds, real estate and alternative investments) are managed, in line with the specific needs, objectives and restrictions of each customer, by our asset allocation expert team.

Performance is primarily determined by strategic asset allocation, followed by tactical investment policy and finally by the respective selection within the asset classes. Through the interaction of these elements – under the guiding principle of transparency, liquidity and upstream risk management – we create measurable added value for the entire portfolio of our customers.

The investment policy can be managed as either a benchmark or an absolute return. With both the benchmark-oriented mandates and, in particular, with the absolute return strategies, we also rely on quantitative models in addition to our own analysis of the risk and return situation on the markets and the inclusion of our medium-term view of the macro-economy. These models are developed and consistently applied by our own quantitative analysis team in close collaboration with portfolio management, on the basis of the findings of academic research.

Fixed income mandates

Based on our decades of experience in the management of insurance assets we have developed a short- and long-term management strategy for fixed-income investments. This enables us to make decisions independently of the often irrational movements on the financial market and to create added value by exploiting these discrepancies. We then monitor the behaviour of each individual investment in the portfolio that has been thus constructed. If a risk factor changes, we can react immediately by adjusting our positions. This ensures that we adhere to the risk level agreed with the customer.

Partial mandates & individual fund solutions

Swiss Life Asset Managers offers optimal support for customers who would like to work with different asset managers. First, we have individual and flexible investment solutions for sub-funds. In addition, we also provide a flexible institutional fund solution for total asset management in the form of our fund management company, Swiss Life Asset Management AG. The asset manager selected by the customer is actively involved through the implementation of a multi-manager approach. This allows the customer to continue the business relationship with his or her current asset manager.


Interview with our Group CIO

Swiss Life enables people to lead a self-determined life. As an asset manager for securities and real estate investments, we advocate solutions that combine independence, responsibility and financial confidence. Stefan Mächler, Chief Investment Officer of the Swiss Life Group, explains what that means.