Our core competencies include the provision and active management of a broad range of investment solutions in the fixed income, real estate, equity, infrastructure and multi-asset investment classes.

"Our clear value proposition"

Swiss Life enables people to lead a self-determined life. As an asset manager for securities and real estate investments, we advocate solutions that combine independence, responsibility and financial confidence. Stefan Mächler, Chief Investment Officer of the Swiss Life Group, explains what that means.

Our investment philosophy is based on the know-how of the Swiss Life Group in insurance and pension funds. We also make this expertise available to third-party clients when they define their own investment strategy.

Risk Management

Our asset management is based on understanding our clients' risk and return expectations and accurately reflecting them in the market. Our top priority is to invest responsibly and act prudently with the assets entrusted to us. Our risk management stems from our experience in managing the investments of our own insurance companies for over 160 years. Reliable, continuous and sustained portfolio development tailored to the client's needs.

We manage risk actively and control it systematically. Our investment experts use a specific investment process for each asset class. They apply macroeconomic scenarios and financial market analysis to orient the portfolio optimally to the individual asset classes in line with client requirements.

We perform risk controls on an ongoing basis to monitor the individual portfolios. These controls enable our clients to review at any time whether the risks incurred are within the set limits and whether the predefined investment process is being observed. The aim is to identify risks early, avoid them and exploit opportunities to the benefit of our clients. 

Economic Research

The Swiss Life Asset Managers Economic Research team develops medium-term economic scenarios and is responsible for the resulting fundamental assessments regarding the return potential of individual asset classes. The Economic Research team develops detailed macroeconomic forecasts regarding GDP growth and inflation for key economic regions for the most likely scenario. These economic scenarios form an important basis for the monthly Group-wide investment processes. The focus of the economic analysis is on key sectors and emerging markets as well as the real estate markets in Europe. The Economic Research team also supports the sales activities of all Swiss Life Group units.

The Economic Research team publishes monthly publications regarding macroeconomic forecasts and the assessment of the financial markets. Our economists’ other public relations activities include presentations, participation on panel discussions and media appearances.

In 2019 and 2020, Consensus Economics awarded the Economic Research Team at Swiss Life Asset Managers the “Forecast Accuracy Award” for the best local GDP and inflation forecasts.

Investment spectrum

Swiss Life Asset Managers has 160 years of experience in managing fixed income investments. Managing interest rate and credit risks are among our core competencies. Our investment strategies have a global focus and are broadly diversified across currencies, regions and rating categories.

As an asset manager with a strong insurance background, we have always been guided by a high level of risk awareness. With fixed-income investments we pursue an actively managed approach, focusing heavily on a careful fundamental analysis of credit risks. The additional support provided by quantitative risk models enables us to optimally adjust the risk/return profile of the assets entrusted to us.

The equity funds and mandates we manage are based on the following principles: transparency and systematic, analysis-based approaches, active and upstream risk management. Transparency means that our clients are very well informed about our investment policy and our underlying models. These models are developed and consistently applied on the basis of the findings from academic research by our own quantitative analysis team in close collaboration with portfolio management. Active upstream risk management is a common feature of our product offerings, with the main idea being active management of every risk in the portfolio, and close monitoring of the relationship of these risks with other risks in the portfolio, in order to generate excess returns over the long term.

We have more than 120 years of experience in the real estate business. This experience allows us to construct durable real estate portfolios that are not affected by short-term market pressure. Our portfolios are largely comprised of residential buildings and commercial properties located in our core European markets. This is because that is where our expert teams are located and their expertise is strongest in these countries. Based on the broad knowledge we have gained over the course of many years we have tailored our offering optimally to clients’ expectations. Further information can be found here.

The private infrastructure sector has flourished in the past ten years and investments in infrastructure funds have become part of asset allocation for a rising number of institutional investors. Infrastructure comprises installations and services required for the economy to function. Because of the monopoly they enjoy, government regulation or concessions, such installations are exposed only to limited competition. They can include the maintenance and building of roads and transport networks, energy provision or education, healthcare or social services facilities.

We offer institutional investors efficient access to the infrastructure asset class, which is characterised by stable and attractive risk-adjusted returns. Investors benefit from our deep knowledge of the sector, an experienced investment team and the substantial, long-term engagement of the Swiss Life Group in this asset class.

Our investment strategy focuses on investments in core infrastructure in Europe and North America. Our goal is to maximise the deal flow and be able to offer well-diversified funds. For this reason we are prepared to make our own deals and collaborate with other (institutional) investors in consortia, but also to join in investing in certain infrastructure funds.

We make the extensive experience we have gained in asset allocation and portfolio management available to our third-party clients. Our portfolio managers and analysts evaluate all of the needs an investor has, developing tailored strategies and portfolios that are designed to meet his or her specific investment objectives. The focus of every solution is risk assessment. If necessary, we also take account of funds or strategies offered by external asset managers that we consider to be reliable and trustworthy.

Our experts can advise you in the following areas:

  • Asset & liability management
  • Pension systems and rules
  • Plan development and incorporation
  • Regulation

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