Swiss Life Asset Managers is one of the leading institutional real estate asset managers in Europe, with locations in Switzerland, France, Germany, Luxembourg and the UK.

Real Estate

Real estate is a major asset class for us. We maintain investments in real estate on behalf of our policyholders. The long-term investment horizon for property is well suited to the long-term liabilities of the insurance business, and we accordingly depend on long-term, sustainable use: steady cash flow – rental income, in the case of real estate – is a key component for the guarantee and the attractive interest paid policyholders by our benefits.

We also offer our third-party customers real estate fund solutions. With more than 120 years’ experience in the real estate business, we know how to develop real estate portfolios through various real estate cycles. In doing so, we focus on real estate investments in our core markets in Europe and work with expert local teams that enjoy in-depth expertise and first-rate market knowledge. We thus provide our clients with unique access to the European real estate market.

Our real estate portfolios are generally comprised of residential buildings and commercial properties or special types of properties, such as nursing homes and student housing, which all have stable cash flows and good inflation protection.

Of a total volume of CHF 269.7 billion in assets under management, CHF 77.7 billion are invested in real estate. In addition, Swiss Life Asset Managers has real estate under administration of CHF 27.7 billion through its subsidiaries Livit, in Switzerland, and Swiss Life Asset Managers, in Germany. Total real estate under management as of 31 December 2020 thus stood at over CHF 105.5 billion.

There are more than 2100 employees at work on real estate.