The different awards conferred on Swiss Life Asset Managers by independent industry experts acknowledge our expertise and strong fund performance. They symbolise the engagement and performance brought by our employees for the benefit of our customers.

In 2019, Swiss Life Asset Managers was awarded the Immoinfo24 Invest Real Estate Award for the most promising project in the renovation/conversion category for “THE ONE ZURICH”.

The Real Estate Awards have been granted for the past nine years. They honour key projects and innovations that change the market and provide the Swiss real estate scene with fresh ideas. Awards were given in a total of five categories: management, marketing, project development, renovation/conversion and real estate personality of 2019. 

We were chosen as one of this year’s award winners from a slate of 12 nominees. The jury made special mention of the fact that, as builder of the property, which was completed in 2007 and was recently let for two years, we had “developed an innovative use and operation concept accurately addressing the zeitgeist for a clearly defined target group.”


In 2019, Swiss Life Asset Managers was distinguished as the best real estate portfolio manager for third-party clients in the “Best Swiss German Properties” category.

The real estate portfolios are valued using eight parameters of the IAZI Swiss Property Benchmark®. Additional objective selection criteria are also taken into account, such as performance, vacancies and property expenditure. The IAZI Property Benchmark® is one of the most prestigious reference values in the Swiss real estate sector. All investors with over 20 properties in their real estate portfolio and a market value in excess of CHF 100 million are entitled to take part. 


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