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In November 2015, Swiss Life revealed its new strategic programme “Swiss Life 2018”. As part of this programme, Swiss Life Asset Managers formulated its strategy for the next three years as well.

Our conviction:

For us, asset management means protecting assets and increasing their earnings potential over the long term. This is what drives us. This is our conviction.

Our promise:

We have nearly 160 years of successful experience in risk management. Our clients entrust their assets to us. We take this responsibility seriously.

Our offer:

Risk management is the heart of our investment philosophy. We seek stable, long-term returns.

The Swiss Life Asset Managers strategy in just a few pictures and words

A brief summary of our three strategic thrusts for 2018:

Proprietary Insurance Asset Management (PAM)

Investment business for our own insurance companies

  • We ensure stable investment returns through capital-efficient investment strategies, thus protecting the interest rate margin and the solvency of our insurance business.

Third-Party Asset Management (TPAM)

Investment business for third-party clients

  • We want to expand our assets under management for third-party business to CHF 50 bn by 2018. Our active management approach will be the key to achieving this goal, and we have attractive, risk-adjusted investment solutions to offer.

Real Estate

  • As the leading1 institutional real estate investor in Europe, with more than CHF 60 bn in invested and managed real estate assets, we provide our clients with unique access to the European real estate market.

1) PropertyEU Top100 Investors, October 2015

Quelle: Swiss Life Investor’s Day Presentation November 2015