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Solutions and services

We offer and actively manage a broad range of investment solutions, such as fixed income, real estate, equity, infrastructure and multi-asset.


Asset & Liability Management (ALM)

With Asset & Liability Management we support companies gain more transparency regarding the numerous factors that affect the financial and structural situation of their employee benefits institution. The objective is to use a realistic and case-specific projection of assets and liabilities to provide a look at the opportunities and risks related to the choice of asset allocation and the risks of the plan design. In addition, potential solutions for reducing risk are discussed and recommendations for investing the assets developed.

Our services:

  • Simultaneous analysis of assets and liabilities
  • Quantitative basis for discussions and decision-making regarding the funding and structure of future benefits
  • Recommendation of an optimised investment strategy that aims to ensure coverage of the pension obligations in the medium to long term.
  • Board of Trustees tool for carrying out its obligations under Art. 50 of the BVV2

The ALM study combines our many years of experience in asset management with a high level of specialist know-how in the area of pension funds. Here, the investment specialists at Swiss Life Asset Managers work closely with the pension fund experts at Swiss Life Pension Services.


Our ALM study for companies is the ideal instrument for the Board of Trustees to make investment decisions on an informed basis. The study is based on a dynamic projection of the whole portfolio of insured persons in the future.

The core task of ALM is the risk management of invested fund assets with an eye to providing the promised benefits optimally in terms of costs and time. At the centre of risk management is the identification, evaluation and targeted assumption of investment risks.
The impact factors from the asset and liability perspective play an important role in this regard. The ALM study takes all the variables into account. In addition to the risk evaluation, we always provide an optimised investment proposal for each portfolio development scenario as well.