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At the EUROPEAN FUNDS TROPHY ceremony organised by FundClass on 8. March 2016, Swiss Life Asset Managers was designated for the third time Best Multi-Country Asset Management Company for its entire fund range.

The prizes awarded for risk-adjusted performances over the last 4 years are for those management companies with a range of funds offering the best global quality of all asset categories combined. For this competition the funds of almost 1000 European asset management companies were studied across seven categories of company defined according to the number of rated funds under management. Swiss Life Asset Managers received its award in the category of companies with between 41 and 70 rated funds in Europe.

The fund analysis organisation Lipper has awarded Swiss Life Asset Managers in France a prize in the “Absolute Return EUR Medium” category. “Swiss Life Funds (F) Defensive P” posted the best result among the contenders for “Best Fund over Five Years”, which seeks the best average “consistent return” over the relevant period.

Awards from Lipper for Swiss Life Asset Managers in France: 

Best Fund over Five Years

Swiss Life Funds (F) Defensive P
Absolute Return EUR Medium