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At the amLeague 2014 awards held on 21 January 2014, Swiss Life Asset Managers received the "Action Europe" prize for the best performance in European equities from Henri Chaffiotte of CARMF and Antoine Briant of amLeague.

Launched four years ago, the amLeague ratings aim to provide investors with an objective and fully comparable means of measuring management companies' performance. The amLeague framework defines the management rules, providing common constraints and a strictly identical operating environment for all the participants. The ratings and prizes thus form a level playing field for showing the best management performances for a given period and universe.

This award for European management and the third place for euro zone management testify to the quality of equity management at Swiss life Asset Managers.

It's risk-management-based approach ensured the company enjoyed an excellent 2014. Its main successes were in the UCITS:

  • SLF(F) Equity Europe Minimum Volatility,
  • SLF(F) Equity Euro zone Minimum Volatility,
  • SLF(F) Equity France and 
  • SLF(L) Equity Global High Dividend.

In 2014, Swiss Life Asset Managers received an asset management award from AGEFI for the SLF (F) Harmony P cap EUR fund, which placed 3rd in the "diversifiés internationaux" (international diversified) category. This classification was from Edhec and Europerformance based on an alpha measurement over 3 years.

This award shows the ability of our asset management teams to generate alpha no matter what the risk profile, prudent or balanced, chosen by the investor.


On 13 November 2014, Swiss Life Asset Managers was awarded the distinction of being the most dynamic foreign asset management company in France. This award is in recognition of the professionalism and dynamism of the foreign management companies present in France, in particular their investment offering, market positioning, growth and development.

Swiss Life Asset Managers saw off the challenge of M&G and Fidelity to win the Trophée 2014.

This award is a vote for our approach in France, which is based on Swiss Life values and customer orientation, the quality of the teams and our financial and commercial performances, despite a difficult environment in France.


On 4 November 2014, Swiss Life Asset Managers was awarded a Globe d’or de la Gestion by the magazine Gestion de Fortune: this prize is in recognition of the performance of the SLF (F) Defensive P Cap EUR (FR0010308825) Fund which came first in the "patrimonial funds" category.

The methodology applied by Gestion de Fortune and Quantalys aims to identify UCITS which have outperformed over the long term while avoiding the major market reversals in 2011. Performances are counted up to 30 September 2014.

This award acknowledges our risk-management-based approach, which provides our investors with portfolios equipped to perform throughout the economic cycle.


The 9th October 2014, during the Forum de la Gestion d’actifs, AM League attributed to Jaimy Corcos, Equity Portfolio Manager, an award for the best Risk/Performance ratio in Europe Equities category for the period 30/09/2013 to 30/09/2014.

An award which enhances the risk management expertise of the Equity and Allocation team within Swiss Life Asset Managers.


Having already given three awards to Swiss Life Asset Managers since the beginning of the year, in Germany and Austria, the fund analysis company Lipper has now distinguished Swiss Life Asset Managers with four more Lipper funds awards for its balanced fund range in France.

Pierre Guillemin, Head Portfolio Management Asset Allocation & Equity, comments: "These awards demonstrate our capacity to offer our clients funds that deliver over time and match their risk profile. Our diversified fund range at the core of the unit-linked investment offering advocated by the Swiss Life Group and our other partners (distribution platforms, family offices, …), has this year again shown the relevance of our investment process and testified to the expertise of our teams."

Awards given by Lipper to Swiss Life Asset Managers in France

Best fund over 3 years

  • Swiss Life Funds (F) Vitality P
    Mixed Asset EUR Aggressive - Global
  • Swiss Life Funds (F) Harmony P
    Mixed Asset EUR Balanced – Global
  • Swiss Life Funds (F) Defensive P
    Absolute Return EUR Medium

Best fund over 5 years

  • Swiss Life Funds (F) Defensive P
    Absolute Return EUR Medium


Swiss Life Asset Managers was awarded three trophies by Le Revenu magazine on 22 May 2014 for its fund offering under unit-linked life insurance at the Swiss Life Group in France:

  • Bronze for best overall performance over three years, category "insurers",
  • Bronze for best diversified fund SLF (F) Defensive, all categories (insurers, banks, specialist providers),
  • Silver for best range of international equities over three years, category "insurers".

Le Revenu makes its awards on the basis of weighted performance over three years as calculated on 31 March 2013 by EuroPerformance – a SIX Company.


At the EUROPEAN FUNDS TROPHY ceremony organised by FundsClass on 4 March 2014, Swiss Life Asset Managers was designated Best European Asset Management Company for its entire fund range.

The prizes awarded for risk-adjusted performances for the period 2009-2013 are for those management companies with a range of funds offering the best global quality of all asset categories combined. For this competition the funds of almost 600 European asset management companies were studied across seven categories of company defined according to the number of rated funds under management. Swiss Life Asset Managers received its award in the category of companies with between 41 and 70 rated funds in Europe.

Swiss Life Asset Managers succeeded M&G INVESTMENTS who won this category in 2013.


The fund analysis company Lipper gave the coveted Lipper Fund Awards to Swiss Life Asset Managers no less than three times: in Germany and Austria as the winner of the best mixed-asset small fund category, and in Switzerland, SL Funds (F) Global Inflation was the winner in the category “bond global inflation linked”.

The Lipper Fund Awards for fund managers are given in two different categories: for large and small fund management companies. A fund manager can only win a group award if it manages at least five equity funds, five bond funds or three mixed-asset funds. All the funds managed by the fund manager that have been licensed for distribution in Switzerland, Germany and Austria are rated. The fund manager who achieved the best equal-weighted average of percentile for consistent return over three years is the winner.

The awards at a glance:

Group winner as the best "mixed-asset" small fund manager over a period of three years

Group winner as the best "mixed-asset" small fund manager over a period of three years

Best fund in the "bond global inflation linked" category over a period of three years