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"Grands Prix de la Gestion d'Actifs 2013" – AGEFI

In 2013, Swiss Life Asset Managers received two asset management awards from AGEFI: the prizes were for the SLF (F) Harmony P cap EUR and SLF (Lux) Portfolio Global Income Prudent (EUR) R Cap, which placed 1st and 3rd respectively in the "diversifiés internationaux" (international diversified) category. This classification was from Edhec vand Europerformance based on an alpha measurement over 3 years.

These two prizes show the ability of our asset management teams to generate alpha no matter what the risk profile, prudent or balanced, chosen by the investor.


Austrian Fund of Funds Award 2013 of the GELD-Magazin: Three Swiss Life index funds awarded best-of-class.

With two first places over a one-year period and one first place over a five-year period, no less than three funds from the Swiss Life index fund family came top in the "Mixed Fund of Funds" category.

  • Swiss Life Index Fund (LUX) – Income (EUR): 1st place for 1-year performance
  • Swiss Life Index Fund (LUX) – Dynamic (EUR): 1st place for 1-year performance
  • Swiss Life Index Fund (LUX) – Balance (EUR): 1st place for 5-year performance

On 12 November 2013, Swiss Life Asset Managers was awarded a “Globe de la Gestion” by the “Gestion de Fortune” magazine: this time for second place in the “flexible/conservative” category for its SLF (F) Defensive P Cap EUR fund.

The awards presented by Gestion de Fortune and Quantalys honour UCITS which have overperformed on a long-term basis, holding up well against the substantial market downturns during the period summer 2008 to summer 2011.

This award recognises our risk management approach through which we can offer our investors robust portfolios over the whole economic cycle.


SLF (Lux) Bond Global High Yield laureate of the Innovation Award attributed by La Tribune / Europerformance.

This fund is not authorised for distribution in Switzerland.


SLF (Lux) Portfolio Global Growth awarded during the “Victoires des SICAV” (La Tribune / Europerformance ) in the category best balanced funds / dominant equity.

Swiss Life Asset Managers’ diversified asset management once again awarded at the Le Revenu Trophies 2013

On 23 May 2013, Swiss Life Asset Managers was awarded three trophies:

  • Gold for the best range of SICAVs and diversified funds*
  • Gold for the best diversified fund, SLF (F) Défensive*
  • Silver for the best overall performance

*for its weighted performance over three years as calculated on 31 March 2013 by EuroPerformance – a SIX Company

These awards recognise the achievements of the Swiss Life Asset Managers teams in setting up products focused on customers' needs. The funds are available through contracts offered by Swiss Life Assurance et Patrimoine and by other distribution partners such as Sélection 1818 and Skandia.

These trophies recognise the success of our asset management philosophy, which is geared to risk optimisation and implemented through various strategies.

The range comprises in particular:

  • SLF ( Lux) Portfolio Global Growth Vitality
  • SLF ( Lux) Portfolio Global Balanced Harmony
  • SLF ( Lux) Portfolio Global Income Prudent