Head Office in France

Swiss Life Asset Management (France)
Head office: 7, rue Belgrand
92300 Levallois-Perret
Asset management company
AMF accreditation 23/12/2003 n° 03 026
Public limited company with capital of € 3.000.000
344 677 885 RCS Nanterre


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Swiss Life Asset Management (France)

Swiss Life Asset Management (France) is a member of the Swiss Life Asset Managers specialising in asset management. It provides products and services designed to meet the Group's goals in terms of providing insurance and retirement benefits to individual customers and to meet the needs of its institutional clients.
Our investment philosophy is a natural extension of the Group's core business areas in insurance and retirement provision. The company's capacity to manage the Swiss Life insurance companies' assets over the long term and in a prudent way, is the foundation of our experience in third-party asset management. Our aim is to provide this competence to investors to support their own investment activities.

Our management expertise enables us to provide our clients with access to a specific range of products:

  • monetary funds
  • interest rate and credit products
  • equity or diversified funds and
  • dedicated management and collective investment scheme mandates

Our management is based on three types of expertise:

  • asset allocation (diversified management)
  • interest rate and credit product management
  • equity management

Swiss Life Asset Managers is present in Switzerland, France and Germany. Our cross-border structure allows us to exploit complementary factors and specific cultural attributes within our teams and to share our knowledge within an integrated structure. The management and financial engineering teams in France and Switzerland therefore report to an integrated management team.

Tel: +33 1 46 21 02

Swiss Life REIM (France)

Founded in 2007, Swis Life REIM (France) specializes in the management of real estate assets for third parties of the Swiss Life Group. It manages 7.6 Billion Euros of assets under management at end of June 2016 with diversified types of properties (offices, housing, retail, healthcare, student accommodation, hotels,...). Pioneer of the OPCI market, Swiss Life REIM (France) manages 40 OPCI of which 1 for retail clients. Swiss Life REIM (France) has developed specific expertise in dedicated or club deal fund structuring, asset management, fund raising and fund Management

In order to focus on its core competences, Swiss Life REIM (France) draws on the skills of a network of experts and uses an open process to select its service providers with full independence, in agreement with its clients and in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.

Swiss life REIM (France) received AIFM approval in April 2014.
Tel: +33 (0)1 45 08 79 39

153 rue Saint Honoré – 75001 Paris